Terrain Tools 3D Version 8

$840.00 CAD

Terrain Tools® 3D is a software toolkit for mapping, terrain modelling and land development.
Versatile and easy to use, it includes functions for surveying, coordinate geometry, image manipulation, digital terrain modeling, site grading, design, visualization and report generation. 
  • Quick and easy.
  •  Affordably priced.
  •  Minimal training.
  •  Handles very large point sets such as LIDAR.
  •  Used by 1000's of companies.
  •  AutoCAD® compatible.
  •  Outstanding technical support.

Annual Subscriptions:

  • All products come with 3 months of Technical Support.
  • Adding an annual support subscription will extend the coverage an additional 12 months (effective once the 3 months have completed)
  • Annual subscriptions also include exclusive access to Terrain Tools Field (survey note app for iPad), exclusive access to Beta releases and free product updates and upgrades.
Security / Licensing Options:
(view more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBo1GVaSJz4&t=5s)
  • USB Option - classic hard lock USB security key. Move and share between computers.
  • Cloud-based Password Option (NEW) Easy sharing of access within your location used multi-seat cloud licenses. Quick transfer of a license between devices. No more lost USB licenses. Internet access is only required at activation / return.
  • Network Executable Option (NEW) - Easy network access and management with a server executable. Borrow licenses from the server & take them out to the field.IT Managers can view and manage active and offline licenses.